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Special Treatments


imgAcupuncture is a part of the broader category of Asian Medicine. This model of health and healing encompasses the whole person in mind, body and spirit. In acupuncture specifically, sterile hair thin needles are inserted into various points on the body, depending on the condition. When choosing points, the practitioner takes into consideration not just the symptoms for which the patient is seeking relief but also the root cause of the issue as well as the patients’ constitution. This allows the treatment to be tailored to the individual.

A typical treatment involves 5-20 points, but this varies greatly depending on the individual. Once the points are in, the patient rests comfortably (and many people fall asleep) for anywhere from 20-40 minutes, although this time period also varies greatly depending on the individual and the condition being treated.

There are many theories from a biomedical standpoint as to how acupuncture works including having an influence upon the nervous system, neurotransmitters in the brain, muscle motor nerves and more. Many studies have been done proving the effectiveness of this modality.

From the perspective of traditional asian medicine, acupuncture influences the circulation of “Qi” or vital energy. The purpose of acupuncture is to ensure that Qi is flowing and functioning as it should. Although this may seem like an odd concept to some people, viewing the body from this wholistic perspective yields effective results.


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Chinese Herbal Medicine

imgHerbal medicine can be an effective and safe modality on the road to greater health and healing. Chinese formulas that have been refined and perfected for modern use are available to us through reputable companies that are highly regulated and rigorously tested. Using an herbal formula along with your regular acupuncture sessions adds another layer of effectiveness to your treatment plan.


imgCupping is the application of glass cups onto the body with suction to relieve muscle tension, increase circulation to the area, break up adhesions, relieve stress and boost the immune system. It’s great for a variety of issues including general muscle tension, injury and respiratory issues including the common cold.


Moxa (Moxibustion) is a technique that uses an herb called mugwort to warm the body. The mugwort is rolled into various shapes like a cigar or cone and is then lit as you would with incense. With moxa, individual acupuncture points can be warmed or a larger area of the body can be addressed. Moxa is great for warming, increasing energy, maintaining health, relieving pain, helping with menstrual issues and more.


TuiNa is a therapeutic type of body work that addresses the area of injury or dysfunction as well as general health and wellness. With this manual therapy we can address soft tissue, circulation, structural alignment and the overall energy and functioning of the body as a whole. It is often combined with topical liniments or oils, acupuncture, cupping and other modalities during a treatment.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a method of scraping that increases local circulation, relieves muscle tension and pain and improves immunity.  It is especially good at preventing colds and reaching areas that aren’t as amenable to cupping.