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What people are saying

Sore throat gone. Headache gone. Weird pain in the back of my head gone. Sinus stuff gone. Gone, gone, gone!  I feel great! Thank you for caring enough to take good care of me.


I came to see Amy for post surgical pain.  Not only did my shooting pain entirely resolve but my sleep markedly improved. Amy is kind and gentle and I am deeply grateful!


When I first heard about acupuncture I thought, oh no needles: I do not like them. Amy eased my bionix -fear of needles- by showing me the needle size and only using five of them during my first session. Thank you Amy for helping me overcome my fear of needles. Amy also listens to my health concerns and tailors the treatment based on these discussions. I now see her on a regular basis to maintain my overall health.
-Lisa Westrick, Serenity Holistic Touch


Amy is just absolutely wonderful. She takes the time to sit and talk with you to really figure out what’s going on and come up with the best treatment option for you. She is very personable so as the client you never feel as if you are in a clinical type situation. Her offices are very relaxing. In fact so relaxing that I feel asleep on the treatment table. I can’t speak highly enough of Amy and the work she does.
-Sasha Jabro, Capital Connect


I’ve seen Amy a few times for acupuncture – she is great. She is gentle with her treatment, and is a very gentle spirit. I feel we are truly fortunate to have Amy in our chapter and thankful for her desire to share her talent with Tucson! If you are seeking an experienced, thoughtful, and attentive acupuncturist, give Amy a call!
-Rebecca Wicker, Dedicated GF


Amy is amazing. She’s clearly knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. Thanks to her, I’m in love with acupuncture and look forward to my appointments. I always feel relaxed and refreshed after a session and the seeds she puts on my ears keep me feeling balanced long after. She has a very gentle touch with the needles so there is no fear of anything hurting. The questions she asks let me know she’s listening and paying attention to my needs and adjusting the treatment accordingly. Amy is an absolute pro. Five stars!
-Jennifer Gooch, Painted by Jennifer


Amy is one of the most wonderful people I know. Her care and love for her clients and friends goes beyond what one might think. She truly cares for all the people in her life. Having received an acupuncture treatment from her I can say first hand that she has the most gentle touch. I could not feel a thing from the needles and afterwards felt like a crips, new $100 bill. Stress free and ready to take on the world!
-Michele Hopson, New York Life


Amy is a fabulous acupuncturist. She has a very light touch so that you barely know a tiny needle has been placed. Amy has extensive knowledge of the body so that she always treats me in such a way that I leave with less pain then when I went in (I have chronic pain). I look forward to relaxing on her table. Amy is a fabulous addition to our Chapter and I highly recommend her.
-Cass McGinty, Southwest Essential Oils


Over the years, I’ve had friends who swore by acupuncture, but having grown up deeply entrenched in Western medicine, with a registered nurse for a mom, I’ve always thought acupuncture was a bit “woo-woo.” And needles? No, thank you! Then I met Amy. She totally gets that, coming from a similar background herself. I decided to check her out when she joined my BNI chapter after I’d spent much of the previous year battling a series of digestive issues, and all I can say is, WOW. Aside from being a total sweetheart, Amy patiently walks a newbie through what she does and what to expect. I felt NO pain and NO discomfort from the needles, and in fact, while I was lying on her table, my digestive system felt the calmest it has in MONTHS. Her office is conveniently located in midtown, so there’s a good chance you’re in her area at some point during your normal week. You should definitely give her a try.
-Shelley Shelton, Word Nerd


My Husband has a herniated disk from 14 years ago. After re-aggravating it this past year, his healing time was taking longer then usual and conventional medicine was no longer working. He went in to see Amy with Mountain Waters Acupuncture. She is now treating him with acupuncture and cupping. After his first session with her, he was able to walk and sit with out pain for the first time in over a month!! Amy is super sweet and kind, and makes you feel welcome as soon as you walk in the door!
-Monica Gonzales, Park Lane Jewelry


I had heard Amy works with a kind gentle touch… BUT it is still needles… I don’t care how small… acupuncture is needles. Hearing she can help with knee pain reluctantly I gave it a try. What an amazing experience! Amy talked me through and her mannerism is a pleasure! I felt secure and taken care of. The needle fear in acupuncture is gone and so is my knee pain! For anyone afraid of acupuncture because of the needles… take it from me one visit to Amy and your fear will be gone! I’m not sure which was the bigger benefit… acupuncture fear or knee pain relief? In the end Amy is my trusted acupuncture resource and I highly recommend her to any one in pain or stressed or…? Whatever it is Amy can help!
-Heather Arnaud, Realty Executives Tucson Elite


Amy is an amazing acupuncturist!! She ensured I was relaxed and calm prior to starting the treatment. It was awesome! I felt so much better after the session and totally relaxed. Most important the pain I had in my “texting thumb” was relieved immediately. I highly recommend Amy to help with those ailments that are irritating and will not go away. She is wonderful!
-Russell Sullivan, Send Out Cards


Acupuncture and needles can be a scary proposition for some – but there’s nothing to fear with Amy! She specializes in “first-timers” and her gentle technique and focus on patient education help make the benefits of acupuncture accessible to everyone. In addition to having a wealth of education and experience, Amy is nurturing, patient and truly cares deeply about every one of her patients. Anyone suffering from pain, insomnia, stress or depression can greatly benefit from Amy’s expert touch.
-Marie Gooch, The Hopman Group


For several weeks, I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Amy, for a few different sources of discomfort. I’ve had good results with acupuncture in the past so had positive feelings about it from the outset. Amy really knows her stuff–from the functions of the body, to the practice of her modality. She is happy to answer questions about the treatment process, as much or as little as the patient wishes. I have the utmost confidence in Amy’s knowledge and abilities. And just as important, Amy treats the whole person—all aspects, physical, emotional and mental. She is a very tender and caring person and brings this wonderful quality into her work. It is a real pleasure to receive a treatment from Amy in her soothing environment and with all her gentle reassurances.
-Jeanine Colini, Jeanine Colini Design Art


Amy Clemans with Mountain Waters Acupuncture is kind, sweet, warm, compassionate and AMAZING at putting needles in you with no pain! She has such a light touch and such a gift with her ability to help you heal. I always leave Amy’s presence feeling better than when I arrived and would highly recommend her services especially to someone who has never had acupuncture before and is worried about the needles, you won’t feel a thing!
-Tabitha Danloe, The Divine Sophia